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A climate change archive

Symptoms of a Sick Planet

Tell us what climate change look like in your backyard or in your plate. 


Climate change is real. It is happening. We must to act now.

We want to create a space to gather and collate climate change testimonials from different corners of the world. We want to make climate change visible.


​Anyone (not just artists) can submit a story via email or a google form. 

Your submission can be in the form of your choice- plain text, comics, graphic reportage, live sketches, infographics, cartoons and more.

The stories will be published on our platform. We will be organising workshops and seminars with communities on visual storytelling in the future. 

We are interested in transdisciplinary collaborations between artists, journalists, scientists, educators, communities and many more! 

Share your story

or reach out to us for workshops and collaborations

Thanks for submitting!

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