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This Body Is Subject To Common Ownership


Drawing reference to the convicts' lawyer’s statements in context to the Nirbhaya Rape case -“If you leave the sugar out on the road, the ants will eat it up.”;“the Woman is like a flower. Weak, tender, beautiful.”, I used Gulkand to write my text. Gulkand, rose petal jam, is made of concentrated sugar syrup and rose petals. It is dark brown in color and is of a sticky, chunky consistency. Gul means flower in both Persian and Urdu and in Sanskrit term ful or Pushpa meaning flower; whereas qand means sweet in Persian. 


The text written in gulkand was left out on the pavement for the ants to feast on it and photographed at different times of the day.  


The Text - “This body is Subject to Common Ownership” 
Definition of common ownership (Wikipedia): Common ownership refers to holding the assets of an organization, enterprise, or community indivisibly rather than in the names of the individual members or groups of members, as common property. Common ownership of the means of production is advocated by communists and some forms of socialism.
It could be compared to the ownership of a public park. Anybody can access it.  

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